Why Choose Us?

1. Manage All Social Accounts in One Place

We make it easy for business and marketing teams to manage their social profiles all in one place. Schedule posts, analyze performance, measure impact
of your posts etc.

2. Save Time, Schedule Your Posts

Save your time by scheduling posts for all your social profiles on your preferred times and keep your social presence active.

3. Track User Engagements & Analytics

Measure analytics to track your social media performance and impact of your campaigns.

4. Multiple Team Members With Access Levels

Add multiple team members to manage your social media profiles and control each user's access levels.


About Social Note

Social Note is a tool for managing all your social accounts at one place.

For any business or a brand, the most important factor of success is to keep the followers on your social pages active and engaged.

A business could subscribe to any plan (according to his needs) offered by social note and can get started quickly by adding up social accounts.

For payment processing Social Note accepts both fiat currency (USD) and cryptocurrency (SON token). SON token is a cryptocurrency built on ethereum blockchain and to be integrated with Social Note platform.

Users can easily pay with SON token with less transaction fees, less time and no hassle.

SON token is already deployed on ethereum blockchain and will be listed on multiple exchanges soon. Users can then easily buy their SON tokens from any listed exchange.


How It Works?

Connect Your Social Accounts

Connect your social profiles that you want to manage on Social Note platform with just one click.

Add Your Team Members

Add your team members to your Social Note account and set their access levels in order to manage your social media profiles.

Schedule Posts for Your Social Accounts

Add posts and post them on different social media platforms. Or schedule them to be posted on a certain time automatically.

Track Analytics and Performance

Check analytics for your posted content from different social media platforms and track your performance and impact.

Make transaction easy and with a less fee

You can easily pay your Social Note subscription charges in terms of US Dollar or SON Token (with additional discount).

Token Distribution

Token Name

Social Note

Token Symbol




Total Supply

10,000,000,000 (SON)

Initial Supply

3,000,000,000 (SON)

Contract Address




With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Frequently asked questions

Social Note is a platform for managing all your social accounts at one place.

SON Token or Social Note Token is a cryptocurrency built on ethereum blockchain. That helps in fast, secure, reliable and low cost payment transactions.

You can use traditional payment method (i.e. using fiat currency like USD) or you can pay through cryptocurrency SON Tokens that will be integrated with Social Note platform.

Our Team

Ali Abbas
Front & Back-end Developer
Rumaisa Ahmed
Social Media Manager

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